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Back your currency with gold

Be protectected by hard gold currency

e-gold is the first electronic currency that unleashes the potential of worldwide e-commerce. From Azerbaijan to Zaire, e-gold is the largest, fastest growing, privately issued currency in the world. .....e-gold is world-wide money!...100% backed by Gold!

Gold itself circulated electronically

In the God of Israel we trust

Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc.

Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc.

The moment you create an account, anyone in the world who has an e-gold account can "click" some to you! Your account enables you to accumulate actual gold, with the flexibility to make payments ranging in value from milligrams to megabucks!

What can you do with your e-gold?....receive payments; settle last nights dinner bill or sell your beanie babies at an on-line auction. Buy stuff over the web, or click over a few grams for a graduation gift! You can even pay your phone bill...even if your phone company doesn't take e-gold yet!
Note however
, your payee must have an e-metal account with the Gold & Silver Reserve. The advantage thereof is that you can earn commissions on all transactions your PAYEE conducts in e-gold - you just need to request to be activated as an Originator - see

If you wish to fund your account by means of an InExchange (currency for e-metal),
select the InExchange icon from the Account Manager page.

Now Click the e Gold Button button to create your account

Save TREES! Cut on the use of paper

Preserve the earth: go paperless, use alternative fuels
[Use paperless e-gold currency]

Make Payment by means of  e Gold Button

All you need to do to get started is,

  1. click on

  2. to create an account for YOURSELF- Note:  the use of An Alternate
    (for Payment verification)
    & a Passphrase (to access your account)

  3. then click Spendor go to
    to Fund your new account and to make payments

Holy Land Inc. account #s

Holy Land Inc.


Holy Land-Inc-Capital 145070
Holy Land-Inc-Projects 145072
Zionsake   108211
Samuels Mountain Israel 138134

That's it!




Your metal balance


Redeem/Pay an account

Metal to Metal Exchange

Exchange Rates

Click somebody some gold (money)

Summary of reserves at the Gold & Silver Reserve

128 bit SSL Connection

Summary of reserves at the Gold & Silver ReserveExaminer is a real-time audit utility which calculates and displays total quantity of e-metal in electronic circulation (all customer accounts combined) vs. total physical reserves held by G&SR. It automatically queries the e-metal transaction database as well as current specie inventory records. It is live data - if you refresh Examiner before and a few seconds after entering a transaction order you will see the effect of your order (with the exception of InExchange orders, which clear on a delayed basis). (You may also view e-gold system statistics)

e-gold fees and Redemption (Delivery of metal to Customer):

see Coin Premiums, Shipping/Handling.


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